The Track


Prior to the Start there is a short length of concrete where the drivers spin the driving wheels in order to clean off dust and gravel and put some heat into the tyres.  The car breaks a light beam at the Start and Finish lines in order to start and stop the digital timing equipment.  Cars are timed to the nearest one-hundredth of a second (0.01sec), which may seem like a tiny amount, but is one which often decides a class win.  Watch a Mazda RX7 negotiate the track in a 2 lap event or take a tour of the track as a passenger in a 2ZZ Corolla Sportivo.  These views (and more on YouTube) are courtesy of a couple of our members.  More videos can be selected by entering the key words 'SDMA', 'hill' and 'climb' in YouTube.
The track layout is below:


The Cars

Hillclimb cars range from street registered cars to purpose built racing cars.  They are split into Types according to the vehicle and its modifications and then into Classes according to engine capacity

The pinnacle of hillclimbing machinery is the unlimited capacity racing cars.  These cars have a variety of engines some with alcohol fueled supercharged engines, turbo rotaries and naturally aspirated V8's all with huge amounts of horsepower!  Wide soft slick tyres transfer the power onto the road.

Our spectators are able to wander through the pits at any time and see all these superb cars during the day.  However, if you don't want to miss the action on the Hill, come on down to the pits and wander around during the lunch break.  You are always welcome to inspect the cars and ask the drivers questions.