What do I need to Do

Competing in club hillclimbing is fun, easy and only a few steps away

  1. You need to join our club.  Its only $50 a year, and membership starts the day you join.  You can find our form here.  If you are member of another CAMS affliated club contact our Event Secretary.  Event Secretary details can be found here.
  2. You need a CAMS license.  You only need Level 2 Speed (L2S).  CAMS forms can be found here
  3. You need a car (obviously!!!).  Your daily drive is fine, it doesnt have to be anything special.  You are racing the clock - thats it - no one else on the track!  There are a few special things you need to do to your car and wear and those details can be found here
  4. You need to enter the event.  The online entry form can be found here


The final step is to turn up on competition day and be ready to have the most fun you've ever had in a car - and its legal!!!


Want to know what Type and/or Class you should enter?
Want to know what Tires you can use?

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