Club Awards

2014 Club Winners!


Congratulations to the following members that took out awards at the 2014 presentations:

ACT Hillclimb Drivers Champion – Jon Waterhouse

Club Person of the Year – Rohan Thatcher

Beb Fox Memorial award for excellence in Engineering - Malcolm Oastler

Class Awards

Type 1/2 - up to 1600cc
Ellie Yates
Type 1/2 - 1601cc to 2000cc
John Ribeiro
Type 1/2 - 2001cc to 3000cc
Colin Chandler
Type 1/2 - over 3000cc
Ross Kelly
Type 3 - up to 1600cc
Bob Fulthorpe
Type 3 - 1601cc to 2000cc
David Leaney
Type 3 - 2001cc to 3000cc
Todd Wilson
Type 3 - over 3000cc
David Dowling
Type 4 - up to 1600cc
Ken Urquhart
Type 4 - 1601cc to 2000cc
Zac LeLievre
Type 4 - 2001cc to 3000cc
Ben Ward
Type 4 - over 3000cc
Anthony Hyde
Type 5 - 751cc to 1300cc
Malcolm Oastler
Type 5 - 1301cc to 2000cc
Henry Hilhorst
Type 5 - over 2000cc
Darris Fortesque
Type AWD 1/2 - 1601cc to 2000cc
Jon Waterhouse
Type AWD 1/2 - 2001cc to 3000cc
Jon Waterhouse
Type AWD 1/2 - over 3000cc
Keith Shinerock
Type AWD SV3 - up to 1600cc
Andrew Lombe
Type AWD SV3 - 2001cc to 3000cc
Mal Dunning
Type AWD SV3 - over 3000cc
Brett Jorgensen
Type AWD SV4 - up to 1600cc
Zac LeLievre
Type AWD SV4 - 1601cc to 2000cc
David Pattie
Type AWD SV4 - over 3000cc
Morgan McBride