About Us

The main aim of the SDMA is to promote a facility that allows grass roots Motorsport to flourish in and around the National Capital.  A copy of our Constitution is available here.  We encourage competitors 14 years and over to come and compete in hillclimbs and our present members range from 16 years to over 60 years of age.  Members drive a variety of cars, both road registered and purpose built vehicles and we have both male and female competitors.  The facility is licenced by the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) and events are conducted under the CAMS umbrella.  Competitors are required to be a member of SDMA (for club only events), obtain a level 2S CAMS licence (no test required), have a crash helmet that meets Australian Standard AS1698, have a minimum 900 gram fire extinguisher mounted in a metal bracket securely attached, wear natural fibre clothing from ankle to neck to wrist and drive a vehicle which is presented to the scrutineers in good mechanical order and safe to drive. 


If you feel a need for speed, then come and join us.  As one of our newer members said recently – “Why didn’t I do this sooner, it’s great fun and legal!”


Come and join the club, compete and have fun testing your ability - and your cars capability.